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North West Legislature MPLs and MECs Pay Tribute to Late MEC Nkewu during Special Legislature Sitting.

On Tuesday, 12 July 2016, the Members of the North West Provincial Legislature led by Premier Supra Mahumapelo and Executive Council described the late MEC for the Department of Social Development, Kgakgamatso Nkewu as a selfless leader, a gender activist who sacrificed her life for changing lives of the people in the North West Province. This came after the Legislature held a Special House Sitting to honour and pay tribute to the late MEC Nkewu. The late MEC Nkewu, who was also a Treasurer of the African National Congress in the North West province, met her ultimate death on Thursday, 07 July 2016, during a car accident near Vryburg that also led to a death of a cyclist and seriously injuring two (2) members of the VIP Protection Unit. Family members of the late MEC Nkewu, Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, Hon. Thandi Modise and different community members also attended the Special Sitting. Premier Supra Mahumapelo said the people of the North West Province and the African National Congress has lost a leader who was energetic, visionary, resolute, hardworking and principled. “On behalf of the People’s Province of Bokone-Bophirima, we have lost a dedicated and selfless leader to transform the lives of our people. She was obedient and very principled when it came to dealing with challenges of our people or the organisations concerned. To the family,...

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North West Legislature Speaker Pays Tribute to the Late MEC Kgakgamatso Nkewu.

The Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature, Hon. Sussana Dantjie, extends her heartfelt condolences on the passing of the MEC for the Department of Social Department, Kgakgamatso Nkewu who passed away today, 07 July 2016 in a car accident. “Our deepest sympathy to her family, friends, the people of Bokone Bophirima and the African Natonal Congress at large. May God give you the comfort and peace that you seek and may the soul of our beloved Comrade Kgakgi rest in peace”, said the Hon. Speaker. To the immediate family of the late MEC Kgakgamatso Nkewu, the Hon. Speaker had these words to say; “We are confident that the fond memories of the deceased will bring you comfort during this difficult time. Let us all look back on all good memories we were able to have and smile at the fact that we were able to share these before she passed on. “Thank you for allowing her to serve our people in the manner that she did. Despite the loss of the physical presence of our beloved stalwart we know that God has assigned her to watch over you throughout your lives,” said the Speaker. Her physical presence may be no more but her legacy lives on. Hamba kahle Comrade Nkewu. Issued by the Office of the Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature. For further enquiries please contact...

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North West Legislature to Host Youth Sectoral Parliament in Rustenburg.

On Wednesday, 15 June 2016, the North West Provincial Legislature will be hosting the Youth Sectoral Parliament under the theme: “Emancipation of Youth through Education, Economic Development (Enterprenuership) and Social Cohesion for Improved Local Governance”, at Ben Marais Hall in Rustenburg Local Municipality at 09h00. The sectoral parliament discussions will focus on the following thematic areas; Emancipation of Youth through Education; Integration of Youth into the mainstream of the Economy (through Entrepreneurship); and Transformation of youth through Social Cohesion. The objective of the event is to afford young people in the province an opportunity to raise issues and challenges related to them as well as participate on matters around education, entrepreneurship and social cohesion in the province. The Legislature aims to promote an inclusive democracy that affords every individual an opportunity to contribute in shaping the province and deepening democracy. Premier Supra Mahumapelo; Members of the Executive (EXCO) and the Provincial Legislature; different youth stakeholders which include Youth Entrepreneurship Services in the Office of the Premier; National Youth Development Agency (NYDA); Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) and young people across the North West province will attend the event. For more information contact Namhla Luhabe at 079 527...

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North West Legislature Speaker Regrets Media Reports by the EFF on the Suspension of their Members entitlements/qoutas.

The Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature, Hon. Sussana Dantjie, regrets the statement released by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on the 9th June 2016 about the suspension of their entitlements. Hon. Dantjie would like to place on record that there is nothing political about the suspension of the entitlements or private quotas for all members of the EFF as that stems from their refusal to be accountable and their failure to take responsibility of the stolen Bakkie hired on behalf of one of their own, Hon. Motsi, a Member of the Provincial Legislature. On 28 April 2016 the Office of the Leader of the EFF made a request on behalf of Hon. Motsi to be booked a bakkie. A bakkie was allegedly picked up at Avis by certain Mr Khoza who was cited as the co-driver and the bakkie was hours later reported as stolen. Neither Hon. Motsi nor Mr Khoza had any decency whatsoever to report the matter, either to the police or the Legislature. The two also failed and refused to cooperate with the Legislature when requested to provide details of what happened. It only surfaced later when the Speaker issued a warning that if no one comes forth with details on the stolen vehicle then the benefit will be suspended that Hon. Motsi denied any knowledge of ever hiring or requesting a car to...

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North West Legislature Committee on Public Works and Roads to Engage Department on Findings of the Tlapeng to Manthe Road Oversight.

On Tuesday, 17 May 2016, the North West Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Public Works, Roads, Transport and Community Safety has resolved to call the department of Public Works MEC, Madoda Sambatha and the department’s technical team to engage them on the Committee’s findings of the road inspections on road P25/1 from Tlapeng to Manthe Village. This came after the committee went on an oversight visit to inspect the two roads as part of “O re bone re go bone” programme of the Legislature which literally means “You see us and we see you”, aimed at taking legislature to the people to strengthen oversight and public participation and to promote accountability and transparency in government. According to a report given to the Committee by Mr Kenneth Gill, a Chief Director for District Operations at Public Works, construction of this road started on the 2 December 2013 with a budget of R39 million and it ended on the 15 March 2014 due to insufficient funds. Mr Gill said the department was aware that the budget was insufficient and would not be able to cover total construction that is why they opted for fog spraying, pothole patching and resealing of the road. During the oversight, the Committee discovered that the road between Manthe Village and Tlapeng, is full of potholes, it is not conducive for motorists to drive on it as...

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North West Legislature Speaker Rejects Insinuations made by the DA and EFF on Unilateral Running of the House.

The Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature , Hon. Sussana Dantjie , regrets the insinuations made by the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) that she “again denied them the right to participate in the proceedings” with the contempt it deserves. The Speaker would like to place on record that never, now nor in the past, has the Speaker ever denied anyone to participate in the proceedings of the house. “The standing rules of the Legislature states clearly that the Chief Whip of the house is responsible for arranging the Legislature business in the Order Paper subject to the rules and the directives of the Programming Committee; and Political consultation among Parties in the Legislature”, said the Hon Speaker. This was complied with and Parties, specifically those who chose to walk out of the house during the sitting on 26 April 2016, the DA and EFF, failed to report their disagreement to the Speaker before the sitting. However, when the DA raised the matter in the House, the Speaker made a ruling that “Party Whips should meet and resolve the matters in disagreement and report back” to her. Unfortunately the two parties chose to walkout of the house in a rush to grandstand and reported the distorted facts to the public. “If there were any disagreements between the parties about any matter that should or...

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North West SCOPA Warns Madibeng for Unauthorized Payment of Municipal Manager Seconded to Ditsobotla Municipality.

On Wednesday, 20 April 2016, the North West Provincial Legislature’s Standing Committee on Provincial Public Accounts led by the Chairperson, Hon. Mahlakeng Mahlakeng has warned Madibeng local Municipality for continuing to pay for the secondment of their Municipal Manager, Mr. Monde Juta to Ditsobotla local Municipality, whose secondment period ended in January 2016. The Committee held public hearings on the Municipal Finance Management Act audit outcomes of the financial year 2013/14 for Madibeng Local Municipality and 2014/15 for Rustenburg Local Municipality. The Council approved the Department of Local Government and Human Settlements’ request to second Mr. Juta to Ditsobotla local municipality with effect from 4 August 2015 for six (6) months. The Acting Director for Public Safety, Fleet and facilities management, Mr. Energy Manaka was then appointed the Acting Municipal Manager. SCOPA Chairperson, Hon. Mahlakeng Mahlakeng said the Municipal Council should be liable for paying Mr. Juta for more than the stipulated timeframe whilst the department only asked for six (6) months. “MPAC should’ve formally through Council meetings raised the issue as part of their oversight work when they realised that Mr. Juta’ secondment period is exceeded. The municipality should recuperate almost R270 000 that was paid for the exceeded period,” said Hon. Mahlakeng. The Committee also resolved that Madibeng and Rustenburg local municipalities should prepare detailed answers that will address questions raised by the Committee on their Audit...

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North West Legislature Local Government Committee Happy with Improvements on Back to Basics in Municipalities under Bojanala District.

The North West Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Local Government and Human Settlements held oversight meetings with Municipalities under Bojanala District Municipality to assess the performance of Municipalities in line with Back to Basics approach. The Committee commended municipalities for their overall improvement in terms of audit outcomes and progress registered in addressing Back to Basics principles, however still needs to intensify the concept on putting people first and engaging with communities consistently, good governance; bulk water infrastructure in a context of sustainable projects to improve service delivery; corruption and maladministration where consequent management is a reality; and their successes and challenges on implementation of municipal infrastructure grants (MIG) projects. The Committee, led by the Chairperson, Hon. Motlalepula Rosho, had called all municipalities under the Bojanala District which includes; Madibeng Local Municipality, Moretele; Kgetleng; Rustenburg and Moses Kotane Local municipality to account on service delivery issues focusing on Back to Basics principles. For Kgetleng Local Municipality, Hon Rosho said the municipality is improving in addressing challenges that were identified during the National Council of Provinces visit to the municipality; and the Committee is concerned about the support of the Department of Local Government and Human Settlements which is minimal and still weak on oversight. “It is worrying that the municipal infrastructure grant spending is at 52% and the municipality is experiencing serious funding challenges as it has ageing infrastructure...

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North West Legislature Local Government Committee Calls Municipalities under Bojanala District to Account on Current Status quo.

On Wednesday, 13 April 2016, the North West Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Local Government and Human Settlements will hold an oversight meeting with municipalities under Bojanala Platinum District municipality to account over their current state of affairs; matters pertaining to governance; bulk water infrastructure; service delivery; corruption; and successes and challenges. The meetings will be held at the Rustenburg Civic Centre from 09h00. The Committee will interact with Executive Mayor, Mayors, Members of the Municipal Councils, Municipal Managers including senior management of Moses Kotane; Rustenburg; Madibeng; Moretele and Kgetleng Local Municipalities, and Bojanala Platinum District Municipality over their status quo. Representatives from the Department of Local Government and Human Settlements, Department of Finance, Economy and Enterprise Development and Office of the Auditor General’s will be present. Issued by: North West Provincial Legislature: Media & Communications Unit on behalf of the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Local Government and Human Settlements – Hon. Motlalepula Rosho. For more information contact Namhla Luhabe on 079 527...

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North West Provincial Legislature to Conduct Public Hearings on Division of Revenue Bill 2016 and Expropriation Bill 2015

On Tuesday, 12 April 2016, the North West Provincial Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Provincial Affairs, Finance, Economy and Enterprise Development and Portfolio Committee on Public Works, Roads, Transport and Community will be conducting public hearings on the Division of Revenue Bill 2016 and Expropriation Bill 2015 in four districts of the province at 14h00. The public hearings will be held at Mahikeng Civic Centre; Chris Hani Community Hall in Sarafina, Potchefstroom; Vryburg Banquet Hall and Rustenburg Civic Centre. The Division of Revenue Bill 2016 aims to provide for the equitable division of revenue raised nationally among the national, provincial and local spheres of government for the 2016/17 financial year and the determination of each province’s equitable share and allocations to provinces, local government and municipalities from national government’s equitable share. It also aims to provide the responsibilities of all three spheres pursuant to such division and allocations; and to provide for matters connected within. Part of the Legislature’s mandate is to promote public participation & oversight, therefore the Bill intends to hear the voice of the community with regards to how funds should be allocated into various Government structures. The money appropriated by the Legislature to the government departments should be spent in terms of the Public Finance Management Act No 1 of 1999. The Expropriation Bill 2015 aims to provide for the expropriation of property for a public...

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