The Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature, Hon. Sussana Dantjie, regrets the statement released by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on the 9th June 2016 about the suspension of their entitlements.

Hon. Dantjie would like to place on record that there is nothing political about the suspension of the entitlements or private quotas for all members of the EFF as that stems from their refusal to be accountable and their failure to take responsibility of the stolen Bakkie hired on behalf of one of their own, Hon. Motsi, a Member of the Provincial Legislature.

On 28 April 2016 the Office of the Leader of the EFF made a request on behalf of Hon. Motsi to be booked a bakkie. A bakkie was allegedly picked up at Avis by certain Mr Khoza who was cited as the co-driver and the bakkie was hours later reported as stolen. Neither Hon. Motsi nor Mr Khoza had any decency whatsoever to report the matter, either to the police or the Legislature. The two also failed and refused to cooperate with the Legislature when requested to provide details of what happened. It only surfaced later when the Speaker issued a warning that if no one comes forth with details on the stolen vehicle then the benefit will be suspended that Hon. Motsi denied any knowledge of ever hiring or requesting a car to be hired on his behalf.

Upon further enquiries it was established that the person who made the request acted on the directive of the Leader of the Party, Hon. Betty Diale who until to date, deliberately and with utter contempt, ignored to respond to various correspondence on the matter from the Speaker and the Acting Secretary to the Legislature, Mr Albert Kekesi.

The reality is that EFF under the leadership of Hon. Diale , as the Leader of the Party in the Legislature, has found to have grossly breached and abused the policy on members enabling on the provision of private quotas.

The Speaker has until now , waited patiently for the EFF to come forwards and explain who authorised the booking since Hon. Motsi deny ever making such a request and to explain why they cannot cooperate with the Legislature, Avis and the Travelling Agency if their hands are as clean as they want the public to believe. Their refusal to cooperate exposes the Legislature to serious financial burden since failure has the potential of leading to repudiation of any claim from the insurance. The Speaker as the executive Authority is legally bound to protect Legislature and to hold members accountable and EFF members are no exception.

The EFF has since requested to discuss the matter further with the Secretary to the Legislature in a meeting scheduled for Monday. Unfortunately running to the media will not bring any solution to the matter until the EFF act responsibly and take full accountability and reign in those of its members who acted frivolously on this matter. We wish to caution the EFF to desist engaging on this matters through the media as they know that it is under investigation.

Issued by the office of the Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature.
For further enquiries please contact the Executive Manager for the Office of the Speaker Mr Tebogo Chaane at 0723309494