Hon. S.R Dantjie

Message from the Speaker.

The Nwpl Speaker Hon. Susana Dantjie condemned criminal activities perpetrated by some of the Citizens hiding behind xenophobia. She said this doesn’t have anything to do with xenophobia but it is pure criminal activity hence all the time people are stealing from businesses of foreign nationals. Are we saying our own children working and studying abroad be killed in the foreign lands where they are outside their country of birth? This is a question posed by the Nwpl Speaker Hon. Susana Dantjie to attendants. We must all act responsibly and condemn all the negative acts. The Nwpl Speaker Hon. Susana Dantjie appealed to all and sundry to condemn every element of xenophobia and crime.

Deputy Speaker to the Legislature

Hon. J. Manganye

Secretary to the Legislature

Mr O.S Mosiane

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